Ten Tips to Protect Your Back

Keeping Student-Athletes Healthy and in the Game

  1. Keep a neutral spine with all static and dynamic activities. POSTURE, POSTURE, POSTURE!!!
  2. Keep your abdominal muscles tight when you are lifting or reaching. This will protect and stabilize your low back. Abdominal bracing is the key!
  3. Bend with your knees and HIPS too, not your low back!!!
  4. Keep your feet wider than your hips when you lift. A wide base of support will stabilize your low back and avoid extra stress on your knees too!
  5. NO TWISTING!!! Turn from your hips or step with your feet to avoid straining your low back! (Nose and Toes!)
  6. Use good body mechanics when engaging in dynamic reaching and lifting activities! This will take at least 50% of the strain out of your low back!
  7. Keep the load you are lifting as close to your center of gravity (belly button) as you can! It is 10x the stress when you lift with your arms stretched out!
  8. When getting out of bed, roll to side and push up on your elbow. When standing up from a chair, scoot to the edge of your chair and lean forward from your hips.
  9. When lifting, use these three safe techniques: squatting, lunging and golf lift technique.
  10. Use your hands/arms for an extra base of support to help stabilize your back with reaching, kneeling and lifting activities.
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